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$450 12-Month Pest Control Package

Here's the Deal: 12-month pest control package for homes up to 2,500 square feet and lots up to 1/4 acre--includes initial full-service appointment and 3 quarterly service appointments; extra square footage or larger lots can be purchased for an additional $20 for every 500 square feet over 2,500 and $40 for every 1/4 acre extra • Interior treatment (including attic and garage) • Exterior treatment (including total lot treatment) • Includes wasps, ticks, fleas, and fire ants in the yard • Spider web and wasp nest removal--all areas reachable by removal pole • Guaranteed service--if you have any issues between regular service appointments, service provider will go out at your convenience to treat any covered issues at no cost

• Offer cannot be combined with other specials or offers • Offer cannot be applied to current or past jobs • Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours • Standard cancellation policies apply- BY APOINTMENT • Active infestations may be an additional fee

Expires March 20, 2018

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At Patriot Pest Control & Termite, we are a full service pest control company that utilizes integrated techniques to manage pests that seek to invade your home or business. If your house has a rodent, ant, or bug problem, Patriot Pest Control & Termite knows just what to do! Dedicated to reducing insect and pest populations in your environment, our experienced technicians are all extremely reliable, efficient, and professional. We believe that our service is only as good as our technicians, so we constantly train and update to keep ahead of the changes in our industry. This results in bringing you the latest methods of pest management at the best prices available! For more information about pests and what Patriot Pest Control & Termite can do for you, give us a call.


  • Sprayed in and around the house. Sprayed throughout all cabinets and cracks in kitchen. Applied baits where needed for roaches.

    It went great. We were told that we would be able to go back in the house within a half hour and we decided to stay away for a couple hours. There was no odor when we returned. We were supposed to not wipe the treatment off counters and cabinets. We gave it 24 hours before we out items away. The change in infestation was immediate. He explained to us the life cycle of the pest and we set a follow up treatment for two weeks.

  • Very knowledgeable and on time. Set up over the phone, service was on time and he knew what he was doing.


  • Pest Control
  • Termite Control

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