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Expires March 17, 2020

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619 SW 24th Street, Suite 101
San Antonio, TX, 78207
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About This Business

Your newest down to earth friendly and professional tattoo studio is now open! Come in for some awesome work by our talented artist and walk out with a smile and a tattoo you will be proud to show off! All of our Tattoo pricing includes color and shading and your first touch up. We also have free water and candy and snacks, WiFi and we give you 1 free aftercare product with your tattoo aftercare instructions along with your tattoo artist business card. We also have TVs in the studio in the tattoo and waiting are. We also have stress balls to comfort you if that helps while getting your tattoo and we also have folding privacy doors we can put around you if you feel the need for extra privacy. We also have clean restrooms. We also sell gift cards you can buy online with this link . We have fair pricing and have set prices so everyone will pay the same very competitive rates for any tattoo you get. We offer 100% customer satisfaction to ensure you will be happy with your outcome of the tattoo you pick.

*New Happy  Hour Specials*
Piercing Happy Hour Special: Tuesday through Friday between 12pm to 4 pm all piercings will be $25 and that does include all piercings and piercing jewelry except the derma thats $50 during happy hour and the piercing jewelry is included and genital piercings are $60. We also sell custom jewelry some is $10 each or 3 for $20 and some are $20 each and we only have 3 sets that are $30 and we a large selection to choose from!
Tattoo Happy Hour Special: Tuesday through Friday between 12 pm to 4 pm you will get Double loyalty points per tattoo and also get FREE Black light ink highlights which is 100% safe and still get the daily special as well!

For every Tattoo that you get you get one point and when you get 5 points your next tattoo will literally be half off Up to a $300 discount & to include an online review & to make things better for all of our past and current clients that have not signed up for it yet since it’s still new, we will go back and add all your old points to count towards this new program with the purchase of any size tattoo, and if you come during our happy hour m-f from 12-4 pm you get doubly loyalty points so you can get to your reward twice as fast! You can sign up for free with this link or check on your point status as well

*Daily Specials as follows*
Matching tattoo special everyday for you and your friends! Get the first tattoo at regular price and get any addition matching tattoos after that at 25% off but they all must be the same size.
Tuesday's specials is any 4x4 inch tattoos are on sale for $100
Wednesday's special is any 3x3 inch tattoos are on sale for $80
Thursday's special is any 5x5 inch tattoos are on sale for $225
Friday's special is any 7x7 inch tattoos are on sale for $450
Saturday's special is any 6x6 inch tattoos are on sale for $325
Sunday's special is everything is on sale! So any size that we had on sale during the week is all on sale on Sunday!

To keep our prices low we now charge a set up fee for supplies....for piercings its just $2 and for tattoos the fee starts at $7 and in increments of $7 up to $28 for larger tattoos or sleeves

Regular Tattoos Prices
Shop Minimum $40
2x2 inch tattoos $60
3x3 inch tattoos $100
4x4 inch tattoos $150
5x5 inch tattoos $250
6x6 inch tattoos $350
7x7 inch tattoos $500
8x8 inch tattoos $650

For larger tattoos you can text us at 210-601-0451 or email us at or come in for a free consultation

If you want to pay an hourly rate instead it is $100 an hour

Black light ink only hourly rate is $150 an hour

Black out hourly rate is $150 an hour. This is for people who want to cover all their no longer wanted tattoos with black ink only with a 1 hour minimum.

​Cover up fee starts at $20 and can go up depending on tattoo size

Water Color is $20 extra

Black light ink highlights start at $50 for tattoos 4x4 inches in size or smaller and $100 for tattoos 6x6 inches or smaller

Tap out sessions during the week are $650 during the week and $800 on weekends

Prices for portraits and Realism tattoos
2x2 inch $84
3x3 inch $140
4x4 inch $210
5x5 inch $350
6x6 inch $490
7x7 inch $630
8x8 inch $770

*Piercing Prices*
Dermal $77 or 2 for $152
Eyebrow  $27
Anti Eyebrow $32
Earlobe(s) $27/$32 (both)
Cartilage   $27 + $15 ADD’L
Industrial  $47
Tragus  $32
Anti Tragus  $32
Daith  $37
Rook $37
Conch $32
Snug $32
Orbital  $42
Transverse Lobe $52
Bridge/Erl $37
Nasallang  $47
High Nostril  $32/$47 (both)
Nostril  $22
Septum  $32
Labret/Lowbret  $27
Inverted Labret $32
Ashley $32
Monroe $32
Medusa/Philtrum $32
Smiley/Frowny  $32
Angel Bites  $52
Dahlia  $52
Snake Bites $52
Canine Bites $82
Viper $52
Spider Bites  $52/$82 for 4
Tongue   $32/ + $15 for Each Addition
Frenulum/Tongue Web  $32
Snake Eyes   $47
Nipples $32/$57 (both)
Belly Button $32
 Surface (surface barbell) $47
Nape  $47
Vamire Bite/Neck $47
Madison/Between Clavicles  $47
Double Clavicle $62
Genital Piercings
Horizontal Hood $67
Vertical Hood $62
Labia $62 or 2 for $82
Prince Albert $77
Frenum $57
Ampalling $62
Apadravya $62
Horada (Scrotal) $62
Dydoe $62 or both $82
Doplhon $62 or both $82


  • 2 months ago-
    Edgar is fantastic! He’s done two tattoos for me in the past month and I’m totally in love with both! Their holiday pricing was amazing, but their regular prices are VERY reasonable. Highly recommend!

  • Came here with my mother and sister today for matching tattoos which was my first tattoo. The wait was short and the staff was very friendly and answered every question we had. Our artist Elias was very kind and the work he did came out beautifully. We'll definitely be returning for our next ones hopefully soon.

  • Elias did quick, amazing work on both me and my husband. We have been to their shop multiple times and every time is awesome! They are always friendly helpful and work with you with whatever you need. We make it a point to go there every time we visit San Antonio, it's totally worth the drive!

  • Finally got a chance to sit and write. I got a piece done with my boyfriend.. there are small imperfections that I gawked at for a few days.. now I see how perfect the tattoo looks. My skin has healed, my baby panda paws are perfect to me and the color is wonderful. My artist was okay.. probably not my favorite.. but the artist that did my boyfriend's work was absolutely amazing. He was super focused on detail, color and perfection.
    We were offered our choice of drinks during a store run, the owner(s) treat the artists with respect and you can tell this group is a family.

    My artist made little conversation, focusing more on his work, the shop owner(s) we're hospitable and genuine. I couldn't ask for more.
    -D Lopez

  • I CANNOT say enough good things about this shop, having moved states multiple times I have always struggled to find a new shop I love, from plain rude artists or over priced shops, but this shop is my new tattoo home. A lot of friends have shied away from the location/area but let me tell you this shop is nothing but professional! Their prices are more than fair (tip your artists people) and the staff is amazing. I just finished my second piece a 6x6 for $285 and any other shop would’ve taken 2-3 hours and Sunny did it in an hour and a half and knocked it out of the park ! It was an upper thigh and they put up a divider so I would be more comfortable. She does amazing work and I highly recommend her ! I’ll be back for more and already paid for my new 3x3! I will mention I was a walk in and was in the chair within 30 minutes on a Friday ! Worth the drive and the money, cannot wait for my next piece

  • I’ve had three pieces done now at Live Through This, and all of them turned out great! Great customer service, and a lot better atmosphere than most of the shops I have been to.

    - Ben W.

  • If you are looking for new ink this is definitely the shop to go to. Amazing atmosphere and very talented artists! Sunny is AMAZING!

  • My friend and I came here for the first time after hearing about their specials. After reading some reviews and checking out their work we decided to drive out. Jody was helpful and sweet, even though they were very busy when we got there she still squeezed us in for our tattoos. James did my tattoo, he was friendly and did a great job. Elias did my friends tattoo, and the water coloring came out beautifully. I would absolutely recommend that you stop and check out their shop. Not only are they very good artists, everyone was accommodating and nice. I would call first though because they do get busy with the great specials they run.

    - Katie M.

  • My wife and I went in as walk-ins wanting matching roses on our left arms and Elias did an amazing job. I loved how he was able to cover up my old zodiac tattoo. The shop is very clean with friendly staff and decent prices. I plan on going back for more work in the future and highly recommend this shop to anyone.

    - Connie B.

  • Very professional!! Did exactly what I wanted and looks amazing! Have taken more friends to do them here! Totally recommend them!

    - Eddie R.

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday:
    12:00pm - 10:30pm
  • Tuesday:
    12:00pm - 9:30pm
  • Wednesday:
    12:00pm - 9:30pm
  • Thursday:
    12:00pm - 9:30pm
  • Friday:
    12:00pm - 10:30pm
  • Saturday:
    12:00pm - 10:30pm


  • Black Light Ink Tattoos
  • Cartoon and anime Tattoos
  • Cover-Ups
  • Custom Tattoos
  • Horror Tattoos
  • Portraits
  • Realism Tattoos
  • Scar Tissue Tattooos
  • Traditional Tattoos
  • Watercolor Tattoos


  • Birthday specials $15 off for every $100 spent
  • Double Loyalty points m-f from 12-4 pm and 25$ piercings
  • Full chest special $999
  • Full list of specials is listed above
  • Sunday special is everything we had on sale during the week is on sale on sunday!

Payment Types

  • American Express
  • Cash
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

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